2 for 1-D.R Day 2

Hola again! Here is part 2 of me furiously writing to get caught up on my blog posts. Better hurry too, I have a half hour before lunch and then my zip lining trip. I know, I am having a hard time of it. Day 2-On Wednesday (Yesterday) I partook in my busiest day. Lets … More 2 for 1-D.R Day 2

2 for 1-D.R Day 1

Hola! Fun fact about the Dominican Republic: Everyone speaks Spanish. It is the language of the island. So it has been awhile since I have updated. Something I have learned about cruises is that internet is pricey. Therefore, I have to walk into port. Which is difficult after a long day so those are my … More 2 for 1-D.R Day 1


Empathy is a concept that has been at the forefront of my mind recently. To be honest, it is usually somewhere on my mind in some capacity. All personality traits have positives and negatives. My “strength” can often turn into combativeness or forcefulness for example. I use my value of empathy to attempt to control … More Einfuhlung