Words are supple. They can be used for communication, for manipulation, for art, to teach morals, to show us the right path, to warn us of dangerous actions and their consequences. The purpose of this blog, an exercise in putting down words, is to explore and appreciate. This is my symbolic land rover. Giving me a vehicle to approach the activities that I engage in and explore what they mean to me as they calcify into memories. My mother always says that she could have never imagined at my age doing the things that I do. For me they seem normal. Which leads me to believe I should explore these things more and appreciate that I am blazing a new trail for my family story. I am defining my own loves, interests, and experiences in a way that my mother was never given the opportunity to do.

There are, of course, plenty of seats in this land rover for guests. Maybe some of my adventures will bring you joy? Maybe the posts I will do on cooking will give you ideas? Maybe this blog will demonstrate similar thoughts to what you have had reminding you that you are not alone? Or maybe it will encourage you to meditate on your own life, spurring you to engage in activities that you feel purposeful in?

Or it will be boring as hell to you and you will bail out of the side door as quickly as possible. I will not profess to have figured it all out or to offer any readers advice. My only goal is to live and then to explore those lively moments musing as I go. Learning as I go. Appreciating as I go. All through one of the things I love most: stories.

The story of the Diamonds and Toads has a simple moral, as most fairy tales do. Live your life in kindness and you will be rewarded. Live your life with venom and you will be punished. Life is of course more complicated than that. But what I love about this little French fairy tale, that may not be known by many, is its reminder that if we live good lives than we will be blessed. We are blessed in ways far better than jewels when we live good lives. So the title of this blog will serve as a reminder to myself that this exercise is meant to lead me to an appreciation of my flowers and jewels as I attempt to be kind and live a good life.

For those interested, welcome aboard. Time for some adventures.