Thursday of the D.R-Ziplining

Hello all!

One of the great things about my cruise to the Dominican is that we worked hard AND played hard. Unlike other cruises we were given invaluable opportunities to meet residents of the island and help them with things they care about not just presented with a bunch of touristy endeavors that lead to no cultural understanding. On the flip side Fathom also understands the need to let loose and have fun. I would highly recommend anyone taking this trip to leave time to do one of the excursions.

On Thursday of my voyage I did just that. I boarded a transport bus to a site about 35 minutes away to do something I have never done before: zip-lining! One of the great things about this activity was that the company we went through owned a huge plot of property with a large amount of wildlife on it. Our guide spent the time to show us sweet potato growths, lime trees, banana trees, mango trees, cactus, and the list goes on. We learned about the vegetation there as well as animals on the island. They showed us mountain pigs and horses. The kids on the group loved the animals that were housed at the facility.


farm 2

Furthermore, they had so many zip-lines! 8 to be exact. Of varying lengths. The longest one was a little over 2100 feet.  The guides took care of everything for you from harnessing to helmet fitting. They were unbelievably kind and there were about 2 stationed at the end and the beginning of every line. Lots of safety was implemented in the facility. There was one line in particular that made me nervous. We were up ridiculously high. Above-the- trees sort of high. The guide held my hand while the other guide hooked me on to the line. Then they proceeded to have me close my eyes, told me to breath, and then only let me go when I was ready. Because of their support I was able to do the line and boy was I happy that I did. It was amazing. I had birds flying with me as I was up above everything. Best part was, all the guides were locals and so it was clear that the business was supporting the local economy. Another cool aspect of this facility is that they have manned breaks. You do not have to break yourself. It is all attached to the line which made it so much easier.

zipline 3

zipline 2

(Don’t laugh. I look a mess. Its hot out there and the activity I was doing was crazy so you have to forgive me haha.)


This is an activity well worth doing. I had fun and learned so much while I was out there. Plus I felt like I was having fun with the guides not at their expense. They said they loved their job. They were laughing and enjoying themselves. It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend not skipping these excursions. Even if you do just one.

One more post to come in our Dominican Republic series!

Stay tuned.



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